Kile and Kasey

Original Series (1982-1985)

Knight Industries Two Thousand-Ki2t

He was originally the 1982 Trans Am but was upgraded with new technology to a 2011 Trans Am Concept Car. Michael Knight is still his partner and now has two sons, Kile and Ki3t, and a brother, Karr. Michael, Bonnie, and him still live at the Knight Estate and once in a while help others in need. But with Michael's age, it is kept to smaller deeds. I did not make this picture.

Knight Automated Roving Robot-Karr

The original Karr from the first series, only upgraded from a 1982 Trans Am to a 2008 Selby Cobra Mustang GT500KR like Ki3t only with a yellow scanner and a yellow globe as the voice modulator. Looks a lot like the new Karr in the new series but is nothing like him. Ki2t, Ki3t, and Kile persuade him to join them and become family. He accepts and decided that he made a good choice in doing so. His new partner is Dave Morris (we'll see him later on) and they get along fairly well for a change.

Michael Knight

Same old Michael, still dazzles women with his charming smile, though now he'll get slapped by his wife, Bonnie. He is still partnered with Ki2t but they stay to smaller jobs or help their family out because of Michael's age. But every once in a while he gets out and does something huge. His kids are Kasey (with Bonnie) and Mike (with Jenny) and he loves them both dearly.

Bonnie Bastow/Knight

Now Michael Knight's wife. She married him and Kasey was born. She still works with Artificial Intelligence and has kept Ki2t in working order all these years. She also created Kile and considers him and Ki2t her two babies along with Kasey and Mike. Mike may not be her real son, but she loves him as one.

New Series (2008-2009)

Knight Industries Three Thousand-Ki3t

Knight Industries Three Thousand, still the 2008 Selby Cobra Mustang GT500KR partnered with Mike. The SSC is closed down and Charles Graimen is dead but he, Mike, and his friends continued on with FLAG. His father is Ki2t, his brother is Kile, and his uncle is Karr.

Michael Knight Jr./Traceur

Of course, Michael's son and Kasey's half brother. He is partnered with Ki3t and they are practically brothers. He does most of the FLAG's missions now. But once Kasey is old enough, they will work together. He loves Sarah more than anything and thinks the world of her.

Sarah Graiman

Charles Graiman's daughter and head of FLAG. She thinks of Ki3t as her baby and is always there to repair him. She also loves her boyfriend, Mike. Kasey is practically a sister to her and they love to help each other when the AIs need a little TLC.

Billy Morgan

He's the tech head in FLAG. He's always wild and crazy yet a chicken when it comes to girls and fights. He has this crush on Zoe and is constantly trying to get her to go out with him. He helps repair the AIs whenever they need it.

Zoe Chae

She is another tech head in FLAG. She knows 9 languages and secretly has a crush on Billy, though she won't let him know that. She's always bouncing around and always seems to have the energy to do everything.

Knight Rider Video

I wanted to make a Knight Rider video one day and this is what I came up with. The song is "Hair of the Dog" by Nazareth.