Kile and Kasey

KILE: (Kile) Knight Industries Living Entity

Kile is a 2009 Dodge Challenger Blacktop.  The original engine is a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine and the Challenger is based on the R/T model and 6-speed manual transmission.  I have upgraded Kile to when he needs the extra speed, he has four extra pistons to give him the necessary kick and let him go faster.  He features black-on-black racing stripe paint scheme with 22" Viper wheels and Dunlop tires.  The Challenger has a cat black dual-exhaust and cold air intake.  The interior of Kile features Katzkin leather seats and a Kicker audio system. 

He has the same functions as Ki2t (Knight Industries Two Thousand) and Ki3t (Knight Industries Three Thousand) but with some differences. For one, he has the better engine and can go faster speeds. He is almost a mix of the original Ki2t and Ki3t. He has a Molecular Bonded Shell (MBS) along with a nanoskin. The interior has some buttons on the dash like Ki2t but has the same design as Ki3t. Kile's voice modulator is like Ki3t's only instead of blue with a red dot, it is red with a black dot. His scanner is like Ki3t's and is on the front of his hood on the edge. Kile is a quick learner and is really taking a liking to Kasey. He hopes to stay with her whether she chooses to go back to school or stay with her family.

Kile's Face Book Profile

2009 Dodge Challenger Blacktop SRT8

his is the concept of the Blacktop Challenger.  This is also what Kile's scanner is like and where it's set.


The spoiler is a defferent set up than the normal Challengers.  It's more gradual and is longer than the short spoilers.


The red trimmed interior and the red trimmed bucket seats match the whole set up of the Blacktop.  The air conditioner vents are spread to make room for Kile's globe. He has red trim on the stick shift as well. The gauges are tinted red as well. 


This is Kile in his truck form.  He is a 2010 Dodge Ram addition, three-quarter ton diesel style.  He has a lift to make himself higher up and it gives him a menacing look.  His engine stays the same as it is in the car.  He is also able to transform into a larger size vehichle when he needs the power, like a dually. Also, this shows his license plate. 

This is the design Kile is based upon, the actual car.



The rear end with the matte black top and gloss black bottom and stripes.


The red trimmed grill sets off the black magnificently. 


This is Kile's voice modulator, or globe as I like to call it.  

I gimped these out a bit. Kasey in here I did NOT do...she is from Doll Devine. I can't draw people to save my life. Lol. But Kile I did make. No, you can't have him.



Attack Mode

So far we haven't seen an Attack mode Kile yet. But...soon there will be. Since Kile is original, I drew up a 2009 Dodge Challenger and added the parts that would make Kile's Attack Mode unique.

Kile's spoiler rises higher and turns more into a triangular point. His roof lowers to make him more aerodynamic. The exhaust flattens out to dual exhaust. The reflectors become more pointed and move more towards the top of the car. The rims are exchanged for wider gaps. A skirt appears around the entire body of the car, making him closer to the ground. The mirrors become flatter and more pointed. The nose becomes more pointed and has more of a slant, giving Kile an aggressive look. A smaller blower rises out of the hood to allow more air to the engine. The windows are tinted pitch black. The color scheme changes from the matte black and brilliant black to a deep pitch black that matches the windows. The overall look of Kile's Attack mode is made to draw fear into peoples' eyes. Kasey loves this mode because it has everyone gaping at her best friend. 


Kile's Theme in Truck Mode

 I didn't make this. It is a commercial I saw on TV that I thought fit Kile like a glove, especially when he's in his truck mode.